Day Programme:




12.00 pm Farmers Market

To round off the day‘s events a special Farmer’s Market will be held in the village providing tasty Tyrolean treats, local handicrafts and other regional specialities.






1.00 pm Festival Parade

The participating international and local bands provide today‘s musical fireworks  as they parade through the village of Ellmau. The bands will be accompanied by representatives from regional societies which will give a wonderful insight into local alpine traditions. Local choirs and Bands will also be providing musical entertainment in a variety of different places on the route to the Marquee.




Overall Play

After the parade there will be an overall play of all participating chapels. An unique experience!




Bands at the Festival Parade:


Evening Programme:


5.00 pm: Entrance in the big festival marquee

6.00 pm: Supporting programm with the brass bands of Ellmau and Brittnau

7.30 pm: Main programm in the festival Marquee

To round off our Brass Music extravaganza, bands from no fewer than six European nations demonstrate the rich variety of Brass music during this entertaining evening. Celebrate the finale of this wonderful musical event with a famous brass band.



With the bands: