Folk Association “Letztes Aufgebot” 1809 Söllandl (Austria)


During the festival the association can be seen at the following events:

  • Grand Festival Parade through Ellmau on Saturday, 10.10.2020



History of the group:

The society was founded in 1960. With this formation the establishing members intended to memory the wars of liberation of 1809. In that year on may the 13th, from Wörgl to St. Johann where you could see the war tracks, the society stood up heroically against the enemies. The name of the group shall remind everyone of the outdent in october 1809 where young and elderly, armed with farmers tools, went to support the tyrolean Schützen in the battle.


Members of the association:

Currently there are 82 active and 23 supportive/inactive members.



Chairman: Manfred Obwaller

Deputy Chairman: Veronika Wurzrainer