Rifle Association “Landsturmgruppe” 1809 Scheffau (Austria)


During the festival the rifle assiciation “Landsturmgruppe” 1809 of Scheffau can be seen at the following events:

  • Grand Festival Parade through Ellmau on Saturday 10.10.2020



History of the group:

The posse comitatus group was founded in 1909. Later in spring 1909 the historical flag of the Standschützen from the villages Söll, Ellmau and Scheffau was handed over to the Landsturmgruppe 1809. In 1953 the group was registered as the 3rd company of the Winterstellerbataillon. They also joined the federation of the tyrolean Schützenkompanien.

A short historical Input: The Standschützen Söll, Ellmau and Scheffau fought the fights at Pass Strub and Kufstein in the years from 1796 to 1809.



Currently there are 37 active members and 21 patrons.


Officials of the group:

Captain: Rupert Stöckl

Deputy Captain: Johann Bichler

Chairman: Frank Bichler

Clerk: Klaus Haselsberger

Ensign: Andreas Maier (new flag) and Johann Oberhofer (historical flag)