Ellmau Brass Band (Austria)


You see the Ellmau Brass Band at the following events during the Festival

  • Grand Festival Parade through Ellmau on Saturday 10.10.2020
  • Saturday evening at the festival marquee


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Band History:

The band was formed back in 1880, and was initially a modest undertaking whose expenses were covered by contributions from the local commune and the payments for playing at local weddings and funerals. The income covered the cost of purchase and upkeep of the instruments and allowed the occasional visit to a local hostelry for the band members. As early as 1911 however, some members got together to form a small dance band. Over the course of time, the sphere of activity of the band grew and they organised their own balls, and played at events of other local bands and gave concerts. Between the wars the Band gave open-air concerts for tourists and were paid by the local tourist organisation. Since 1949 the group has organised Maypole dance events in different areas and in 1959 they obtained new instruments.

Upon completion of the new school buildings in 1972 the band at last had somewhere to rehearse and this facility was extended in 1986. The continued growth of tourism in the area has expanded the activity of the Band. In 1972 the village of Ellmau constructed a bandstand in the village centre with the financial support of the Commune and the Tourist Office.


Band Repertoire:

The Band Leader ensures that all musical tastes are catered for in their performances. Traditional Brass Band music with marches and polkas are of course at the heart of the repertoire. Not all marches are the same however and the same is true for the polka. Sometimes thnigs are sped up, and on other occasions things are slowed down. The music can be at times more swing based or more lively, and sometimes can be a bit more Bohemian in style, all bases are covered! Whilst remaining musically close to their Tyrolean roots, audiences are taken on a musical journey around the world in their concerts. You can be taken from the melodious tunes of the Wilder Kaiser to an Armenian wedding before making a musical detour to a Viennese operetta and even an Italian Opera. Well known pieces from TV and Radio are also part of the repertoire.


Band Officials:

Chairwoman: Sandra Rass

Band Leader: Arthur Stöckl


Active Musicians:

There are currently around 55 active musicians in the Ellmau Brass Band



  • Flutes
  • Oboe
  • Fagott
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Flügelhorn
  • Horn
  • Tenor/Baritone
  • Trombone
  • Tuba
  • Percussion



Concerts, both indoor and open air (including recitals)

Religious ceremonies (such as Corpus Christi, All Saints Day)

Various Festivals and other associated events (such as regional musical festivals)

Traditional May Day Events